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January 1, 2017: 2nd Annual New Years Day Unity Rally

2017 was kicked off with a positive and uplifting gathering at the Islamic Foundation.  Over 300 people gathered from nearby churches, temples and the Islamic Foundation itself to hear a variety of voices talk about the opportunities and challenges we all face in the new year following a politically divisive 2016.  Here's just some of the feedback from attendees:

I hesitated to come but I'm glad that I did.  This was an excellent presentation and some of the speakers brought tears to my eyes, especially Ms. O'Donnell.   After the negativity of the last election, not just toward Muslims but toward immigrants in general and all of the negative rhetoric, I have been despondent and feeling very hateful to those spewing the negativity.   Your solidarity event has lifted that hatred like lifting a weight off of my shoulders.   I now leave here more positive and with hope for the future.   Thank you.

Encourage us to invite others -- again and again

The diversity of speakers was impressive, and I appreciated the calls to action, especially from the Catholic woman and the last Muslim speaker.

Keep going -- this is beautiful as is

Pictures of the event

Joint Prayer